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Code of Ethics

At Root Biology, we strictly follow a policy of compliance with our laws and regulations. It is our legal obligation and the right thing to do in business. We are honored to be industry leaders displaying high integrity and ethics levels.

Integrity is one of our core values and depicts who we are as a company and as professionals. Conducting business with integrity and respecting our core values is key to our success in the industry. It helps us meet our goals of having a healthier world, creating value, and developing an inspiring workplace.

Our Code of Ethics is a crucial part of our dedication to integrity. It provides us with the information and tools we need to deliver better healthcare results. This enables us to earn and retain the trust of our customers, patients, shareholders, and colleagues.

At Root Biology, our Code of Ethics is not just a mere set of rules: It outlines the principles we need to follow in our daily operations. The principles help us make well-informed and better decisions regardless of what we do or where we operate.

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